Welcome to Panchmukhi Hanuman Mandir Patnagarh

Patnagarh HEMALI Sangha think to make a Hanuman Temple and they have completed the BHUMI PUJA on Dt. 17.12.1999 near the weekly market of patnagarh in presence some important person. HEMALI SANGHA make the temple with their Sole of Heart and his labour and complete the temple work on 2010. Mr. Antaryami Meher take responsible for make the MANDIR & BIGRAHA of Astadhatu Panchamukhi Hanuman as well as the temple also. The Mandir PRATISTHA has been completed On Dt. 19.02.2011 to 25.02.2011, Since that day worship of God going on till date.

Lord Hanuman holds a unique place among the Hindu deities. We can find many temples raised for him and by number it is next only to Lord Ganesh. The traditional Hindu believes that Lord Hanuman is living today in His identical body and when this Kalpa ends and another begins. He will be appointed by creator of the Universe. According to the Hindu faith, Hanuman and Vinayaka are two aspects of God not afflicted by Sani. There is also a belief that all the planets are under the control of Hanumans tail. Whoever worships Hanuman is granted fortitude and strength.

Every Face of Sri Panchamukha Hanuman has significance:

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