Diffrent Poojas Facilities Details

Any one can poojs their Veichel,Car or Sindoor Abhishek,Akhanda Deep in Temple then contact to the given contact details.

Diffrent Poojas Tika (Dakhina)

Mandir Anuathan.:Rs. 101.00 /-

Sindoor Abhishek: Rs. 21.00 /-

Akhanda Deep (For One Day): Rs. 31.00 /-

Akhanda Deep (For Three Days): Rs. 71.00 /-

Akhanda Deep (For Five Days): Rs. 101.00 /-

Akhanda Deep (For Seven Days): Rs. 151.00 /-

N.B.: For the require items Bhakta can responsible.

Two Wheeler Veichel: Rs. 21.00 /-

Four Wheeler Veichel: Rs. 51.00 /-

N.B.: For the above all poojs please contat Pujari (Umesh Tripathy)
        Contact No.: 09938404009.